Canada Tax Brackets & Tax Filing Support 2020 - 2019

TurboTax Canada 2020 - 2019 Tax Return Software

TurboTax offers the most popular line of Canada tax return software on the market today. As the leader in sales and customer satisfaction, TurboTax continues to dominate this market by leading the way in innovation and customer friendly tax return software products

TurboTax Canada Tax Return Software

H&R Block Canada Tax Return Software

TurboTax offers a diverse selection of tax return software product to choose from so that you can find the right tax program to fit your needs base on your tax filing situation.

Are you a First-time investor? New parent? Student? Regardless of what your current life situation is, TurboTax offers a product made just for your tax filing requirements. Plus, with step-by-step guidance, all TurboTax products feature the best support to ensure your not going to get confused on the way to getting yourself the biggest maximum refund possible.

Why TurboTax is Canada's #1 best-selling tax software on the market today

You make it better! That's right, the more TurboTax users there are, the better and stronger TurboTax becomes. This is due to the fact that TurboTax offers a great product line with reassuring guarantees. This in turn has created a strong community with millions of Canadian TurboTax users just like you that choose to use TurboTax products to prepare and file their tax returns each and every year.

TurboTax Canada Tax Return Software comes in two different formats including online tax preparation and downloadable or CD installation desktop tax software to help you calculate you taxes.

TurboTax Canada Online Tax Preparation

With the online versions of TurboTax you can work on your tax return from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

This means that you are not stuck at one computer at all times to work on your tax return.

With the TurboTax online versions you can log into your TurboTax Online Account and continue working on your tax return from different computers and from different locations as you have time wherever you are.

With the online versions of TurboTax Canadian tax return software you work is saved automatically as you proceed through the tax preparation process. This insures that your work is always stored safely and ready for you to proceed with the tax preparation process right where you left off in your previous session.

TurboTax Canada Tax Return Software Download / CD Desktop Installation

With the Canadian TurboTax desktop tax software versions you actually install the tax software programs onto your computer.

These TurboTax versions come as a CD packaged in a box or by download from a link to the TurboTax website.

The main advantages to computer desktop versions include:

  • Desktop versions allow several tax returns to be filed using one single TurboTax product purchase.
  • With these computer based tax return software products you can work on your return without the need of an internet connection.
  • With desktop tax software your tax return is saved safe and secure on your own computer so that you can access it anytime.
  • With the desktop tax return software purchases of TurboTax Canada you can re-download your product anytime for up to 3 years after your original purchase date.

The reasons are endless why TurboTax is Canada's #1 selling product line for tax return preparation. If you have used these products in the past you know why they are the top selling tax software for Canada. If you have never used them, maybe it's time you give them a try...